Different types of accounts on expert option broker

Digital investment options are quite popular to the people at these days. Different digital options are available at the market offering great possibilities and profitability to the investors. One of the most popular investment brokers currently is the expert option. Whether you are a newbie or have little experience on the investment field, you can invest your money using the expert option broker.

Different features and attributes of the expert option have made it easier for the investors to invest their money on it and make profit. From this trading option, you will get four types of accounts. From there you can choose any account for you. As different account has different features, the investors need to choose the account carefully. Different accounts you will get on the expert option are-

Mini Account

To open any type of account on the expert option, one needs to deposit a minimum amount. The amount is started from $50. If you want to do low investment, you can start with opening a mini account. This account allows the investors to do trading once in a week with the assistance of a personal manager. From the mini account, the trader usually gets 50% bonus.

Silver Account

Those who can deposit $250 can open silver account. The silver account holders will get two personal training sessions from the personal manager. From this account, one can get 80% bonus. This account holder will also get the weekly analysis option.

Gold Account

To become the gold account holder in expert option, one needs to deposit $1000. If you are experienced in trading and know how to invest and where to invest, you can be the gold account holder. Like all other account holders, the gold account holder will also get the personal account manager. Along with a personal manager, they will get four personalized training session which will help them to learn more about the investment. With the 100% bonus, the account holder will also get daily economic analysis which is the plus point for every investor. The gold account holder will also get priority on time of withdrawing money from the market.

VIP account

The VIP account is for the top account holder of the expert option. The professional investors usually open this type of account. To open VIP account, one needs to deposit $2500. The investors will get all the benefits opening a VIP account. The bonus amount for this account is 125%. The traders have access to all of the trade history and all investment option. While withdrawing money, the VIP account holders always get priority.

So, these are few types of accounts you can choose from the expert broker option.